I have had sinus issues for years and in the past had sinus surgery. I first saw Dr. Myers for routine dental care and she discussed my TMJ and clenching. I was fitted with a nightguard and she referred me to ENT. I followed up with ENT recommendation to do sinus rinsing daily. Between the sinus rinse and the nightguard my issues improved but I still had significant snoring and difficulty sleeping.

In early 2019, I completed a sleep study and was found to have mild sleep apnea and a CPAP was recommended. I decided to consult with Dr. Myers on other options. I was opposed to the CPAP for various reasons, mainly comfort and the hassle of messing with the machine daily and when traveling.

Dr. Myers completed her exam and recommended the Panthera sleep apnea dental device as an alternative to the CPAP. I was a little hesitant due to cost and having to switch devices but there were costs associated with the CPAP as well so, I decided to give it a try. I started wearing my Panthera device in May, 2019, and I LOVE IT! It is comfortable to sleep with. It only took a few nights to get used to it. It is simple to maintain – just brushing daily and soaking weekly in a cleaner. I no longer struggle with being sleepy all day.

NO snoring from day one of usage, according to my husband so he is sleeping better as well!!

I highly recommend looking at all your options. They're more available than you think!

Kim S.