Snoring Can Kill!!

by Dr. Joseph L. Goldstein

If you or a loved one snores, it is important for you to know all the frightening facts about sleep apnea and its devastating effect on your health and well-being. In easy to understand, nontechnical, nonmedical terms learn the symptoms and causes of this dangerous problem that is ruining millions of lives. With a toll free phone number listed within the book, you will actually hear normal snoring and dangerous sleep apnea snoring!

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The Promise of Sleep

by William C. Dement, MD, PhD William C. Dement

William C. Dement is an American sleep researcher and founder of the Sleep Research Center at Stanford University. He is a leading authority on sleep, sleep deprivation and the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy. For this pioneering work in a previously uncharted field in the United States, he is sometimes referred to as the American father of sleep medicine.

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